UI/UX Designer, Project Manager
Craft CMS

When things just go right...

From pitch to execution, this project was really fun to work on. There was an initial set of designs created, then a rather important board room meeting with the all the stakeholders. They loved it, but we knew it, and had already started production.

Everything was broken down into components and variations of each which is suitable for the content. Including handheld. The process was based around UX patterns in the components in Bootstrap 4

We developed a strong strategy. Our targets were the elderly, their parents, and health professionals. Each might be on a different journey with some already in some form of Aged Care, but also those who were new and dealing with a crisis.

After the initial launch, a TV campaign was being run. An important branding alignment was carried out and the website updated to match. Seeing it all come together was great, and having influence over both the TV style and scenes was also satisfying.

Aged care as an industry was new to me, so I had to become familiar with both the dark humor of those who work in it, but also on the legislative level where the government had policy outlines onto what needs to be mentioned where.