Travel & Sports Australia

Awarded Best Technology Innovation • AFTA 2017

Project Info

The project was quite massive in scope. It consisted of an entirely new booking system, which was being developed by another company. It also included a new website with new branding. I was responsible for the UX/UI of the booking system and wrote specifications, which were then passed onto the developers.

Project Links

Invision prototypes:

Invision Group

Invision Couple

Invision Booking

Invision Mobile Final

Company: Glide Agency

Client: Travel & Sports Australia

The project was already in progress when I joined the company. It was falling behind in some areas, so I escalated meetings with the customer to actively complete several milestones and meet deadlines.

Luckily, I had several years of experience in the travel industry (my own company) while in China, so I had very few obstacles when creating workflows and processes for group booking systems.

There was the Booking Wizard component for desktop and handheld devices, plus a MICE variation of it for companies. Then there was the website itself, which needed to appeal to a wide genre of sports fans, as well as recreational travel needs.

I had to work closely with TASA to make sure inventory and conditions were met during the booking process, without making it take too long. Part of this meant moving registration to the end and collecting passenger details last instead of first, which severely reduced the time taken to make a booking.

I prototyped the whole booking wizard to mobile, covering the extreme cases of a couple and group traveling. Basically, the goal was to look for problems.

The design aspect was easy to meet since it was going to be flat and clean, but the information needed serious formatting and had to be heavily scrutinized to determine where it should be, for who, and why.

To give you a sense of the scale, each of the items below is an artboard in Sketch. Each persona was mapped out as the conditions for editing and wording varied greatly depending on the package itself.

Corporate customers needed a different style for their section. It was a goal to make this a full-screen slideshow in a presentation style.

Over several months, each component was designed and assembled. To avoid adding extra time for redesigning, approval, and then changes in development, visual changes were made directly in development.

Icon sets had to be sourced and matched everywhere. This was time-consuming to say the least.