Awesome Presentation

Create a presentation, right in Wordpress

Project Info

Awesome Presentation is a WordPress plugin for creating slideshows. It uses RevealJS for the presentation engine and WordPress for the content editing. The beauty of using WordPress is that you can use other plugins inside the slides.

The target audience for Awesome Presentation is schools or any online learning platform where slideshows need to be created. A full website for the plugin itself was created. The plan was to sell the plugin, support it through updates, and create passive income.

Role: (multiple roles) Co-owner, Designer, Front-end Developer

Client: Crystal Asia (me)

The home page used the motion sensors in any device or the mouse to move the stars. A small detail but it was very immersive.

Going full screen allowed you to do the presentation on a call or in-person.

I designed the back-end UI to be very playful. The target was educational basically. Sort of big, happy, rounded and reliable.

Everything should be able to be previewed in the editor, unlike the default Wordpress WYSIWYG editor which does not show how it is going to look.

Background images can be stretched, tiled or original size.

Media, transitions, colours, all had to fit within the theme being chosen. They could pick their own of course, but running it on themes allowed less to go wrong if the user didn't have much design experience.

A help menu is important incase you forget those fancy keyboard shortcuts!

The idea was to create a full set of examples which used other Wordpress plugins like maths to demonstrate it in educational purposes, but also to show it being utilised in the Wordpress plugin ecosystem.

There are a bunch of transitions based on the revealJS library.

Fragments are when each part loads in the same slide. I created a code style to match it to the style guide.