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These are some of my selected case studies and projects. Scroll down ↓ to Agency/other for more digital design work.

Some are locked 🔒 and require an access code. Contact me for that code.

Selected case studies and projects utilize UX, research, data collection and validation, interaction design, to product strategy and service design skills.

Heavy research using published papers and case studies were undertaken to pre-validate UI and UX decisions. Due to the nature of emerging technology, not all the answers were provided to me, so it was greed fields in terms of UI components, interaction, and timing.

They were completed over 6+ years, whilst the company went from startup to commercialization. Background information is given where necessary to help explain the complex challenges, change in company strategy, and adoption of new org structure.

Digital design: Scroll down ↓ to Agency/other for more UI and web focused digital design work.

Case studies and selected projects

An end-to-end service & strategy analysis including cost analysis, benefits, market fit, product barriers, pain points, customer journey mapping, pain point mapping, service blueprints on value-focused solutions.

A clinical-like health assessment consisting of multiple stages that is designed to assist clinicians or other upstream services with combined risk analysis of chronic diseases.

Accurate and repeatable body composition and circumference using a smartphone.

Multi-platform vital signs and cardiovascular health risks using facial blood flow analysis.

A cross-platform unified visual design language for capturing camera-based biometric data.

Masking individuals using real-time segmentation.

Reducing variability and improving accuracy through multi-capture calibration.

Agency & various projects

Various Brochures, Presentations & Pitch Materials 🔒🆕

Various print, digital and video assets

Pitch & Demo Screens (WIP) 🆕

Various assets (‼️ currently being worked on)

Awesome Presentation

Full brand, Wordpress Website + Plugin, WP Commerce

Travel & Sports Australia

Travel booking system, Wordpress website, e-commerce

Noodle Forum

Restaurant brochure website, Wordpress


Rebrand, full iA, site build, Craft CMS

Singapore Airlines

Pitch concept, HTML+CSS+JS

Experience Perth

Landing pages, Webflow

Standard Advice

Fitness, e-commerce, learning portal, Wordpress

Botanical Maylands

Real-estate brochure website, Wordpress

The Quote Company

A/B Testing, landing pages, Wordpress

Expertise Edu

Education brochure website, Wordpress

Robarts Spaces

Partial rebrand, iA, Craft CMS


Retail, full Craft CMS, car sales integration

Sage Worldwide

Talent booking system, full website & branding, iA, Wordpress.

Karma Group

Travel, Pitch designs