Product Strategy & Design

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AHI Value Proposition πŸ”’

Product Strategy, Service Analysis, Operational Change

An end-to-end business analysis including cost analysis, benefits, market fit, product barriers, customer journey mapping, pain point mapping, service blueprints on value-focused solutions.

Biometric Health Assessment πŸ”’

A clinical-like health assessment consisting of multiple stages that is designed to assist clinicians or other upstream services with combined risk analysis of chronic diseases.

Body Analysis πŸ”’

Accurate and repeatable body composition and circumference using a smartphone.

Cardiovascular Health πŸ”’

Multi-platform vital signs and cardiovascular health risks using facial blood flow analysis.

Unified Capture Design Language

A cross-platform unified visual design language for capturing camera-based biometric data.

Body Analysis: Privacy πŸ”’

Masking individuals using real-time segmentation using a phones front camera.

BodyScan Analysis: Kalman Filtering

Reducing variability and improving accuracy through multi-capture calibration.

Agency-like Projects

Digital design work prior to 2017.