Ryan Snowden

DVG Automotive Group

An automotive industry leader

Project Info

A fun project design wise, but also on the technical side where I worked with the fantastic Craft CMS to hook up with the Car Sales API and build a responsive search engine.

Role: UI/UX Designer, Front-end Developer, Project Manager

Company: Glide Agency

Client: DVG (now mymoto.com.au)

Although seemingly simple, the car industry and the way in which the data flows, is a restrictive one. It must appear not too expensive and not too cheap either. You represent many brands and really the goal is to be trusted.

The goal of building this in Craft vs the exisiting Wordpress website is to start creating and intelligent landing page structure with smart end-points. We could do it by brand, dealership location, price points, and other campaigns that were going on at that time.

Car Sales provided the main API end point, and I used Craft CMS and the Feed Me plugin to map the fields and import the vehicle photos.